About Us

Simplicity, patience, fellow feeling…freedom spirit! The earthy fabric from the Indian soil!

IAMKHADI is a Social Enterprise and Govt. recognized export Start-up working towards bringing together all the possible stakeholders which can effectively contribute towards taking KHADI from LOCAL TO GLOBAL which includes policy makers, academicians, designers, artisans, weavers, aggregators, retailers, bloggers, marketing platforms, industry associations, Export Promotion Councils, Foreign Embassies, corporate giants, media, social activist etc. keeping in mind the Village Industries Commission (KVIC) objectives, principals and Gandhian Philosophy.

IAMKHADI is committed to build a reliable and a sustainable “Green Economy” eco-system where the entire value chain from farm -> fabric -> fashion -> foreign is mapped efficiently with an aim to bring in standardization, harmonization, efficient and timely delivery mechanism.

The initiative is a kick start towards preparing Indian Khadi Industry to exploit the rising demands of sustainable and vegan products in global market by analysing supply constraints, quality concerns, right combinations, identification of newer markets and products, of inviting export startups would be explored.


  • To Guarantee genuineness of Khadi and Khadi products produced in India - “Hand Spun, Hand Woven and Natural Fibre” to foreign buyers
  • Establish a unique international identity for Khadi
  • Build and improve foreign customer or buyer awareness and database
  • Increase popularity of Khadi in foreign countries
  • To promote Khadi product that is made of natural fibre i.e. cotton, wool and silk through the process of hand spinning and hand weaving.

IAMKHADI is working towards

Finding different ways to revive closed and defunct Khadi Institutions through CSR invention

Partner in creating the sustainable livelihood for KHADI weavers/ spinners and lend a hand to build New India

Digitization of weavers/ artisans and enabling them to connect directly with foreign buyers