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Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi organises a Roundtable discussion on “Taking Khadi: local to Global”

Hon’ble Minister for Commerce and Industry, Shri. Suresh Prabhuji, speaking at Indian Institute of Foreign Trade on the event organized on “Taking Khadi: local to global” on 30th Jan 2018. Shri. V.K. Saxena, Chairman KVIC was the Guest of honor presided by. Prof. Manoj Pant, Director, IIFT.

Textiles and apparel sector has made a reasonable good contribution by providing both direct and indirect employment to almost 35 and 50million Indians respectively making it the largest employment sector after agriculture. This makes KHADI an important segment towards concentrating its effort for export promotion. Round table discussion on IAMKHADI - taking KHADI: local to global was organized by Indian Institute of Foreign Trade on 30th Jan 2018 in association & support from UDAANSKILL and KVIC. Event focused on connecting the global demand and supply of KHADI, identifying newer markets and product diversification; developing promotional strategies to enter newer markets, inputs on trade policy, market access at WTO front, compliances, design interventions and possibilities of CSR interventions from corporates and PSUs.

“The export prospects of Khadi is rest assured with world moving towards natural and Eco-friendly Products. More and more people are becoming conscious of responsibility towards the environment and ecology and greater demand is being generated for bio-degradable and Eco-friendly products. It is for this reason the new MEIS 2015-20 policy also emphasizes on export incentives on eco-friendly textiles giving it a 34% growth last years from 52,000 crore to 70,000 crore turn over” said Shri Suresh Prabhu, Hon’ble Minister for Commerce and Industry, Government of India.

The minister added that this round table discussion on “Khadi exports” conducted by IIFT; comes at just the right corner assuming the fact that when textile sector which the largest source of employment generation in the country contributing to country’s 15% exports; share of Khadi sector is very low (less than 0.22%) in total textile sector. Hence focus on exports of this sector becomes important since considering huge employment prospects and export potential. Export focus on Khadi and also now on bamboo becomes unique since these sectors contributes to GDP in agriculture, manufacturing and service sector simultaneously. End to end marketing strategy with support from trading houses and academic institutes like IIFT becomes the need of the hour.

Shri. V.K.Saxena, Chairman, KHADI AND Village Industries Commission who was the Guest of honour in the event explained about the diversity of efforts made by KVIC towards promotion of Khadi right from meeting the issues on raw material procurement, wage levels of rural artisans, technological and design interventions and making it a sustainable and export worthy segment. “Its export worthiness also comes from the fact that Indian Khadi earns a lot of water and carbon foot print since it requires only 3 litres of water as compared to 56 liters in other fabrics” said Mr. Saxena.

Apart from the supply side constraints for raw material procurement and production, there is also a strong need for establishing a strong demand in global markets. This will require the innovation in terms of diversification in product and market. Lack of product diversification is quite visible through limited export basket of Khadi which currently includes silk and muslin, readymade garments, textile-based Khadi and charkha. IIFT with a strong research capability can contribute towards establishing a market intelligence and give inputs on appropriate policy instruments and contribute towards cluster development said Prof. Manoj Pant, Director, IIFT. “Giving boost to export startups, KITTES, IIFT incubation cell would aim at developing new startups working towards Khadi exports” said Dr. Tamanna Chaturvedi, Co-ordinator, KITTES.

Event was attended by Foreign Embassies; corporates including Raymonds, Future Group, Aditya Birla, HERO, Maruti Suzuki India Limited; AMAZON, PSUS including LIC, NHPC, HPCL etc, EXIM bank, Amazon India, FICCI and representatives of ICHR etc.


  • To Guarantee genuineness of Khadi and Khadi products produced in India - “Hand Spun, Hand Woven and Natural Fibre” to foreign buyers
  • Establish a unique international identity for Khadi
  • Build and improve foreign customer or buyer awareness and database
  • Increase popularity of Khadi in foreign countries
  • To promote Khadi product that is made of natural fibre i.e. cotton, wool and silk through the process of hand spinning and hand weaving.

IAMKHADI is working towards

Finding different ways to revive closed and defunct Khadi Institutions through CSR invention

Partner in creating the sustainable livelihood for KHADI weavers/ spinners and lend a hand to build New India

Digitization of weavers/ artisans and enabling them to connect directly with foreign buyers